Pawning is often the go-to solution when people are in a financial bind. But if you pawn valuables at a traditional pawn shop or someone who offers private lending, you need to brace yourself for the exorbitant interest rates and possible hidden charges. On the other hand, pawning online through Dream Luxury Cebu gives you an opportunity to avail of low-interest rates at 2.89%. This interest rate is comparably lower than the most common credit cards available in the market today and even PawnHero online pawn shop.

What makes it possible for Dream Luxury Cebu to charge a low-interest rate is the lower overhead costs of not maintaining a physical store or location. Apart from accepting jewelry, you can also pawn other items like designer handbags. The best part is, you can complete the transaction at home.

When it makes sense to pawn a luxury designer handbag

Like many who invested their hard-earned money to buy a coveted designer handbag, pawning a precious item is difficult. Nevertheless, there are unavoidable circumstances when you need cash but would rather avoid the extensive history check conducted by other lenders. This is where Dream Luxury Cebu steps in by bailing you out of a sticky situation.

Dream Luxury Cebu understands the value of your most-priced possessions, and we have devised a convenient and easy way for you to pawn them. Our process takes advantage of technology to appraise, ship the item to us, and receive the money right into your bank account. Another one of our commitments is to ensure that each of our customers gets a competitive rate according to the value of the item they are pawning, as appraised by our team of top-notch experts.

The benefits of choosing Dream Luxury Cebu

Our services provide you with an avenue to let go of your designer handbags in favor of a new model available in the market or to trade in your luxury handbag for quick cash. Dream Luxury Cebu offers the most competitive interest rates which are half of what traditional Philippine pawnshops offer, like Pawn Hero and and n-cash.

As such, we also ensure that our customers receive the highest possible appraisal for their items. Our commitment includes complete transparency with our customers in terms of fees. You won’t have to worry about hidden charges and late fees are you pawn your luxury handbag through us!

Dream Luxury Cebu is a pioneer in transforming the way people can pawn valuable items by making the process more convenient. For those who are interested to pawn:

If you are Cebu-based, call or text +639177720135 or email me at so that we can schedule a meet-up for me to inspect the bag personally.

For potential clients outside Cebu, you can email me photos of the bag for inspection and appraisal before you send it through the mail.

A reminder from your Dream Luxury Cebu team

Before we proceed with an agreement, it is understood that as the client, you agree to provide accurate descriptions of your bag and include pictures of the same. Any misinformation or misrepresentation from the actual product we received from you, reserves us the right to terminate the agreement and charge you for return fees. Moreover, we highly discourage any attempt to pawn counterfeit items as it is unlawful.


Safe and convenient pawning of luxury handbags

Imagine the convenience of being able to pawn your bag with a few simple clicks? Dream Luxury Cebu makes it possible for you by providing a safe and convenient online method to transact. Rest assured that your beloved items will be cared for, insured, and stored in a high-security warehouse.